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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sitter, Softball Game, Silly movie, Sourpatch Kids & Single date?!

It really should be Wordless Wednesday-and I have a photo I will post at the end.
As you all know I am 15 weeks pregnant and the hormones are at a HIGH with this baby! I must say that this pregnancy has been harder with the sickness and lets just say "DRAMA" all around. Of course, first pregnancy around was so exciting! Not to mention that there was no (nearly) 2 year old to chase as I was hugging the toilet. This time I have felt that I can not "enjoy" my pregnancy as much. Life is BUSY and I am trying to ponder some moments that I do have. I always post happy times and the latest in our lives here-but I must be real for a moment!
I must post about our "Horrible, no-good-very bad,Date" and just post this as a reminder for myself later!
Last Friday, Mike and I were going to go out on a date after his softball game!
1. First mistake I made-I should have waited till Saturday (but I had A LOT going on Saturday) and I didn't want to fall asleep during the movie from a tiring day! Mike had a game at 7:30. His games always go 60 minutes. Movie started at 8:30-I would go get us seats. Mike would meet me there, (miss the previews-but get there in time for the movie).
2. I got to the theater at 8:00-Got my ticket (asked if it was sold out-Opening Night for "The Ugly Truth" ) Movie still had plenty of seats. I got my kids pack of popcorn, sour patch kids (that I was craving) and much loved FROZEN COKE .
3. I texted Mike at 8:30 where I was in the theater.
4. 8:53 Movie officially starts -I text Mike
5. 9:00 -NO MIKE .....Sour patch Kids get opened and I start to cry!
6. I text Him- Is this a single Date? Please don't stand me up!
7. 9:15 I panic and text him again-"where are you?"
8.I begin to get ANGRY.....I knew this was going to happen
9.Movie is so funny I start laughing as Katherine Heigel ...(OK, I won't give away the movie). I text Mike to call me! (He finally does-but I don't leave my seat to answer-and I should have!!)
10. 9:25 I FINALLY get a text from him : Movie is sold out -Regal will not sell me a ticket! OH NO!!!! I cry and stupid me-hormonal me-I LEAVE!!!! Yup I left 40 minutes before the movie was over!
11. Instead of going out and talking to Mike- I start Sobbing like a 5 year old at the entrance of the theater- " Why did you do this? I knew this was gonna happen?" I start walking away from him! Not fair-Softball games are only 60 minutes! I don't get it?! I won't even listen to him! (he is worried about me that I am going to drive off and who knows? So he takes my keys when I get to the car) He sits in the passenger seat and just lets me cry! I am so out of control and I can't even think straight! I (am so embarrassed at my actions -but I must say...I AM PREGNANT)!

12. When I finally calm down -he tells me why he was SO late- his game actually lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes! It was the championship game and they did NOT set the clock! He didn't call me because his phone was in the car! ( I told him to never play again without his phone near him). He agreed!

13. I began to beg him to get my money back....and he talked me out of it! He told me I should have stayed to finish! I am a girl-and I wanted him there in the movie with me! ( I don't go to movies alone)-but it was really good! I should have stayed.

14. He actually called my friend , Samantha (but could not get a hold of her) -to see if he should take me to Melting Pot to make up for missing the movie!

15. I LOST OUT- my attitude was SO bad , and I was in no way deserving of that led alone I was a MESS!

16. We sat in the car and talked for 45 minutes about my love/hate relationship with this sport called "Softball" -We actually talked about a lot of things and got a load off my Pregnancy chest!

17.We recently agreed that when we go to NY in Aug. We will go watch the WHOLE movie and get free child care for Parker!

18. I don't think I will eat Sour Patch Kids again (or for a very LONG time).

19. Even though it was tough night-I am thankful for the growth that came out of it.God knew we needed the talk!

20. Hoping that we never have a "Horrible-no Good -very bad date, again!"

Mike, I apologize for my behavior (90% of it) the other 10 % was pregnancy and out of my control! I hope our next date is %110 better! I know that you work SO hard during the week and playing Softball is a stress-reliever! Thank you for actually putting us first and committing to only play on 1 league! I am sorry for my selfishness and I will try to be better about you being late when the next time rolls around after a game!! XO

Here is the Photo that makes me smile-Parker 23 months-our little red-head!


The Ashworth family said...

ughhh :-( glad you had a chance to talk though - love you!

Anonymous said...

you are so funny - I am glad you had a chance to talk and communicate and work things out. Those are growing time and good for us too!