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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Money Making Weekend

Neighborhood Garage Sale=$125.00
Hosting a Gold Party =$220
And it was all earned in 1 weekend! I am sure you are re-reading "Gold-Party!" Ok, I will explain how I got the $220.00! The $220.00 was made in just 4 hours! Here is the link that explains the Gold Party With the current recession I am sure there is a great interest to many of you, to make some extra money. Well, my friend Lindsey has just started doing Gold Parties. This is the first party I have ever hosted or been to, where ALL my guests went home with money instead of giving money for a product. The party is easy: invite your friends to come make money (if they are gold girls) have a few snacks and beverages, chat awhile and meet with Lindsey personally. When the girls met with Lindsey, she tested to see if it was real, got the value and then shared the results. They got to decide to keep the gold or sell it.

(Parker checking out the Gold Party...He was hanging out with Daddy upstairs)

(Lindsey testing the gold)

I was so glad that I had the party, because, I got 10 % of the money given (just for hosting it) which is how I got the $200.00. I also had some gold that was not to expensive but earned me an extra $20.00! I am happy to report- I got enough money to get a new Kitchen table! Not only did I personally get a check, but I also got a check to give to the Charity of my choice, March of Dimes. Oh! By the way, I only had 8 friends come so they all did very well! (FYI: one of my friends made......$1,100!) Yup, you read it correctly ~over one thousand dollars! I am so proud of you Julie! Thanks for the hundred dollars that went toward my $200 check for hosting! Just to be clear, none of the girls give me any of their money earned! It is all separate. Contact me or contact Lindsey to do a party for you!
This past weekend was money making weekend & BBQ weekend with some of our good friends, Rich & Julie. Parker thrived on all the attention, Daddy loved watching the sports with all the guys and I soaked up my time chatting with Julie about their first baby due to arrive in Sept!
Here is a video of Parker taking care of Abbey before we left for the BBQ. We never showed him what to do. One day he was just begging for Abbey’s treats and ran to her cage to give it to her! Amazing how fast kids learn!
I'm hoping that the next blog entry will be introducing Kayleigh's new sister!
Please stay tuned! However, she seems to have plans of her own. She is currently in the transverse -breech position! I will keep you posted.

Jenn :)

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