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Monday, March 09, 2009

Backyard Spring Cleaning

The weather was BEAUTIFUL this weekend, and Parker got a Little Tykes Outdoor play set from some friends of ours! So, the motivation was in high gear and Mike and I worked away in the back-yard! Parker napped for 3 hours on Sunday, and we raked away,bagged up leaves, & raked, bagged leaves, swept the patio, bagged up leaves (did I already mention that)? and cleaned up the back yard! Making a grand total of .....12 bags of leaves, sticks and debris! We are "just" a little sore today! But the labor was worth it for the satisfaction of 1 happy little boy!

Apart from all the clean-up Saturday, Mike rented a wood chipper and chopped up the Bradford tree remains (that my dad cut down over a year ago0). It has been sitting in our back yard forever! No need to go to Home Depot and buy mulch this spring! We have plenty for the front & back yard!

Kayleigh comes on Monday & Tuesdays, and was SO excited to see the play set in the backyard! Needless to say the day is going by FAST since they are entertaining each other, while climbing away on the play set.

Spring approaching also means that it is once again time for beautiful trees, greener grass, short sleeve clothing, and we must not forget "Mikes 3rd love,"Softball! Mike was in his glory yesterday,as he played with his PWC friends and their league. He plays on "too many leagues" (3)~ but it is his way of workout vs. me working out at the Y! I always tell him he must spend MORE time with us each week before he plays in all the leagues! He agrees and I will say he does a good job balancing 95% of the time! Besides he is working hard, so he needs a little time for some fun. This next Sunday, we will celebrate Mike's 29 and holding birthday( yes I married younger...but love that he is so full of life and I think always will be), so we will be going out on Saturday night with some friends for some good old Mexican!
We hope that Spring comes your way quickly if it hasn't!

Happy Spring :)

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Joy said...

Clarky -I love this! I am so happy you got this fun playground for Parker - he looks so cute and so happy! I miss you! Trey sends kisses