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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Softball Tournament update #1

We made it to Orlando Thursday night around 12:30!
I got my mom picked up at 11:30, Thursday afternoon and we had to go and get the rental van after lunch. It wasn't ready at the place we requested, so that put us a few hours behind. Making us get to Orlando later then planned, but so thankful for a traveling trooper-Parker! He did great!We were glad to get here. I brought Parker's bike that we got him for his birthday and we let him ride it in the room and all around the hotel! He is having a blast. It has been wonderful to have my mom here,so I can come and go to the games.
Yesterday, Mike and his team played 3 games.
They lost the first game by 1 point. (However, that team were the champions 3 years ago-so to have a score that close helped their seeding.)
The second game they killed the other team-(25-3)
Third game they won (after coming up 10 runs in the 3rd inning, before they were losing 9-1) So they won that game, 18-15!
They got seeded 7th out of 30. The good news was that they did not have to play till 10AM today! The higher the seed that later you play!
Just got off the phone with Mike (Mom and I are waiting for Parker to get up from his AM nap so we can go to the ball park) and they are in the 6th inning and winning 13-4!

We will keep you posted and hopefully have great news later tonight.
Tonight we are taking Parker to Downtown Disney/ Disney village !

Pictures to come when we return.
Jenn :)

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