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Thursday, September 18, 2008

13 Months Old

Saturday, Parker will be 13 months old!
He looks like a little boy and the baby days are fleeting fast behind us.
He got this cute green vest for his birthday from his friend, Courtney and I love it! He looks like a little "dude!" I had to much fun getting him in action the other day.
Here are some of his favorites lately:

Favorite snack-Mini Ritz Cheese snacks

Favorite meal-Hot Dogs,Mac & Cheese (and he must feed himself)

Favorite book-Peek-A-Boo (from our neighbors)

Most quoted word-"Duh" (*He is trying to say "Dog" and says it ALL day!He does know that it means Dog and he points to Abbey all the time!")

Favorite game: Peek-A-Boo

Favorite toy: Wagon (and he throws all his toys in it to play with)

We are so glad that Fall is just around the corner! It is my favorite season and I can't wait to take him to a pumpkin patch.

Happy Fall to all of you,

Jenn, Mike & Parker :)


Kendall, Samantha, and Marlee said...

He looks so big in the picture of him on the recliner!!

akr said...

isn't it crazy how much they change and grow. i found an awesome dvd set that is a great learning tool. a visiting missionary couple whose daugher is 2 used them and they worked great for them. it's called preschool prep and they have a bunch of different dvd's. we just got him the alphabet one off of amazon. it is suppose to help them identify them within 2 months. i don't know about the 2 months thing but i really like it!

thedulls said...

oh he is getting so big and you are right. . . the baby days are all but over. Whens the next baby coming then???

The Ashworth family said...

I love him! Trey says he misses his buddy too! We're coming to Ktown for Thanksgiving - Nov 19 - 28 - I hope I can see you while we are there!