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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Anniversary Celebration on Broadway

( Good ol' NYC pizza)

(Notice the "RIESE" below the TGI Friday's-we were very proud to see our name there)

Mike and I will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary on the 29th! So we decided to take advantage of free babysitting by Gramma! We went to NewYork City (following the wedding)to celebrate ! We decided (after much convincing and searching for good tickets) to see the broadway musical "Mama Mia!" We were TIRED when we got back to the hotel, but it was the best date we'd had in awhile! We didn't waste anytime while we were there!
Mike's older Brother Brian, and his wife, Courtney also joined us! We had to take a bus to the city and then we walked about 5 blocks. Once we found the theater we devoured some good ol' NY style pizza! There is this thrill that you get when you are in the city! MaMa Mia was fabulous. We could not have picked a better show! (It was a fun perk being 8 rows from the stage too!) We highly recommend all to see it-if you are looking for a good broadway. It is full of humor, romance, and advanture.
Thanks Mom Riese for watching Parker for us! It was a wonderful celebration and we truely enjoyed the date-it would not have been possible with out your help!
Thanks Michael for going to see the show. I LOVE YOU! Can't believe it has almost been 6 years! I know it took some convincing and I am so glad we went.
Jenn :)

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