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Friday, April 11, 2008

Company is coming...

Joy with Trey and Parker
Joy showing off her new hairdoo

He is a happy boy-swinging at Trey's house!
Trey and Parker -"so much exvcitement!"
At lunch with the boys!

Tomorrow morning, Mike's parents will arrive from NY! We are sad that the weather was 82 degrees today and it is dropping into the 60's next week. And, another storm is on the way-but they are coming to see Parker (and us) not really the weather! We are also excited to have Mike's college roommate-Chris and his wife Meghan coming for the weekend. They live in Charlotte,NC and have not met Parker yet. So we are thrilled to have them here. We are also planning on giving them lots of training-since they are expecting their first baby in September!
I have a new camera and I am awaiting Mike to get home so he can load the new USB cable into the computer. Once that is done-then I can upload my latest photos.
It has been Spring Break here in GA-so I had the week off and didn't have to watch Kayleigh on Monday or Tuesday. Parker and I took off Monday morning and went up to see Joy, David and Trey! We had a great 2 days and LOVED watching the boys interact with each other!
I will post the photos a.s.a.p. (Joy!)
This next week will be a busy one with Mom and Dad Riese here and the very big event of the weeek: our good friends Samantha and Kendall are having their baby girl on Wed.(scheduled induction) pending she does not go into labor this weekend! We will post photos soon of the many adventures!
Jenn, Mike & Parker

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