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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let me hold you longer...

Today Parker is 7 months old~ and the book "Let me hold you longer!" is really starting to hit home to my heart.
We got this book at one of my baby showers from Gramma Riese!
It is a tear jerker! It really makes you treasure every moment and grasp the fact that we capture photos for all our childrens's firsts, but we never know when their lasts will be? Their last: of waking up in the middle of the night, nursing, cuddle moment, last time they bring you flowers (etc) will be? So the words were so true tonight as I got Parker ready for bed... and I thought"let me hold you for just 5 more minutes...because you might not want to rock to sleep in another month?!" I would really encourage all you mom's and dad's to get the book by Karen Kingsbury!
Here are some precious moments we have captured the past 7 months!

We love this sweet boy that God has blessed us with and we are so thankful to be chosen as his mom and dad!

Jenn & Mike

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