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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Time as a family....finally!

Well, as you can see from my last blog...we have finally been spending time with Mike! We went to Don Pablos at 6:00 Friday to celebrate Mike's "freedom" from PWC. We have really had fun as a family and just enjoyed the time together. Although, I purchased a ticket 2 months ago to go to MI...and little did we know, that it would be the one week, Mike would be in transition from the 2 jobs! I told him he could come with us...but after hearing about the single digit temperatures and massive snow mountains-he quickly said "Nah-I think I need to stay home!" Besides that, my "honey-do-list" is really needing some attention!
Parker and I flew out this morning for MI! We had a great trip and are staying with Julie, Rob and Jack. This is the first time for Parker and Jack to get acquainted! It has been a blast already. Looking forward to the next 5 days~so many projects to do! Yet-I am feeling like the cold weather is already getting to me. Yikes, cold coming on and possible laryngitis! (Hopefully my sister's remedy of water, lemon, honey and vinegar will do it's magic! YUCK! Of course she had to laugh herself crazy as I was tortured with this concoction!) We are off to bed! I will post photos once we return!
Blessings to you all,

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DD said...

Hey if you have a cold and are losing your voice, it actually may be pharyngitis. In fact, I have it RIGHT now. I get it every year during the winter!