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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Parker's First ...and Mommy's first!

Parker (11 Weeks old) & Trey Ashworth (1 week old)!

The Proud Parents:
My best friend Joy, her husband David and their new bundle of "joy":
Thomas David Ashworth III (Trey)
Born: 10/30/07
Weight/ Height: 6 lbs. 14oz & 19 inches long

Parker's newest playmate- Trey
Parker is 11 weeks old and ok "we will admit it~ 'perfect in our eyes!" We adore him more and more each day! Not a day goes by where we do not thank the Lord for him! He is getting more aware of his surroundings each day and has discovered Abbey the dog! He doesn't mind her licks at all. His "coo's" and "caw's" are music to our ears right now! He has got to be close to 15 pounds by now! He is growing like a weed and from what I am told - he has inherited the "Parker family -baby phase- chubby legs!"
Yesterday, Parker and I went for "his first" time to TN! We went to meet his new "cousin" Trey Ashworth! It was "my first" time to ever leave the house for a daily adventure, with NO WALLET! Thank goodness that God protected me and after 2 and 1/2 hours I made it with out running out of gas! I did not realize that I had "no wallet" until we had gone out to lunch! Joy and David filled me up with gas before I returned home! What are great friends for?!! I am so glad we made that decision to take Trey out for the first time and have lunch! (I could have been stuck on the side of the road some where if we had never gone out to lunch!) I drove home carefully, so no cops would notice me at all!
Parker seemed so "BIG" compared to "Tiny, Teriffic, Trey!" It is special to Joy and me to have had our first babies just 2 and 1/2 months apart! We feel extra blessed that they are so laid back, great nursing boys, and each have great temperments (thus far!) We hope it lasts a long time! It was a special treat to see her mom too who is visiting till next Tuesday. Parker and I will go back up next Wed and stay for a few days to keep Joy company and get to know Trey better!

Blessings to you all,
Jenn, Mike and Parker


Julie said...

Trey and Parker are both just absolute cuties! So glad you and Parker got to go meet them. And shame on you for not checking to make sure you had your wallet first!!!

(By the way, Jack has the same alligator Gap onesie. Do you want it in the next size up too!? He's nearly outgrown the 6-12 mo. and I have the matching green pants and cardigan to go with it. Very cute.)

DD said...

AWWW!! How nice!! Oh I am sure it was medicine to your souls to see and be with eachother and your little ones! Isn't God good to put you so close!? I can't see the pictures for some reason? :-( Sad, i was looking foward to seeing them together.

Anonymous said...

How special. It sounds like a fun and refreshing time for you all. And praise the Lord you went out to eat!

DD said...

AWWW!! I love the pics! thanks for reposting them!!!