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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Parker's Baby Dedication

"Like Father-Like Son!"
(The program from the bulletin)

"Aunt Yvette feeding Parker during Lunch today!"

Today we had Parker's Baby dedication! It was a special way to end this Thanksgiving Holiday. Parker is our special gift this year that we are so thankful for him! It was a special day that we will remember. We were so thankful for special friends,"Uncle Kendall & Aunt Samantha & Aunt Yvette" who came to be a part of this service today. We had a special reception time with 8 other couples before the service and even got a professional photo as well! It will be neat to see which of the boys become some of Parker's buddies.(We got a kick out of Parker's name today; one of the boys has the name" Parker" as his middle name and 2 girls have "Reese" as their middle names!) We never knew how popular "Parker" and "Reese" would be!

Mike and I are recognizing the vast responsibility of parenthood! It is our deepest prayer for Parker to one day come to know the Lord as his personal Savior!A special thank you to our parents, who have been so influential in our lives! You have helped mold us to be who we are today! We pray we will be encouraging and godly parents to Parker, like you were to us! We know that the 4 of you (Big Poppy & Grandma Riese & PaPa& Grammy Clark) wanted to be here, but the video camera was there today to record this milestone for us all!

Parker, we love you!
We are praying for you to be a godly man!
(II Timothy 2:15)
Mommy & Daddy


DD said...

Children truly are a blessing from the Lord! Again, for some reason I can't see your pictures :-(

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! I love baby dedications. I trust that you will be Godly parents as you desire to be!!