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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Mike is very proud of his Alma Matter~ (Syracuse University) won their football game yesterday against Louisville! Syracuse Football team is not a team to be proud of,since they are not ranked! However, Louisville is ranked 18 and that was an upset and something for him to smile about! The final score was 38 to 35!Way to go 'Cuse!So the proud dad dressed his son this morning for church while I got ready! Here is what Parker wore to church today! (Photo of Mike and Parker sleeping from today, below!) (Outfit is compliments of the proud Uncle Phil (and "Aunt Miracle!) I actually let him wear it vs. the cute "church outfits" that I have for him

Parker is 5 weeks old tomorrow and starting to be m
uch more alert! He is now only up 1 time a night to eat and that is usually at 4 AM. He tends to crash around 7 PM and I get so much done from 7-10 pm. I wake him up when I go to bed and then around the 4 AM. I will be so excited when he does sleep through the whole night!The days go by faster then I expected as a new "stay at home mom!" Here is Parker posing for mommy at 4 weeks!

Mike leaves this Thursday for the big company Softball tournament. I will keep you posted on how they do! I think the guys have high hopes to win. They have been practicing for a few months and they did come in 6th last year out of 35 teams! So I hope to bring you good news next week!

Blessings to you all,
Jenn, Mike & Parker

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DD said...

It sounds like Parker will be sleeping through the night in NO time! Annabelle was 6 weeks when she first started sleeping through the night, but she did it every other night for a week! By week 7 she started sleeping through every night! What a blessing!