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Monday, July 09, 2007

Counting down!

Today is July 9th and a special "Happy Birthday to Nana Riese in NY!"
If we go by my NEW Due date (Aug. 20th)...we are down to 41 days!Amazing how fast time has really flown by!
We are TRYING to get ready for Baby Riese (as you can see!) The nursery is a storage room so far and we are waiting for part of the crib to arrive (that was broken)! Once it comes we will get rolling on the rest. About 90% of the baby items we have are because of the baby showers we have had for Baby Riese! Words can not express how grateful we have been for the gifts and blessings we are receiving!
I am at the phase where my stomach is getting bigger each week and I am not able to eat as much...I have to eat little bits now! Baby Riese is really growing and I am not really gaining much more weight. It is all going to "BIG" Baby Riese! (I think Baby Riese will be at or just above 9 lbs!) We might be doing a poll! (Mike was 10 lbs. 14 it will be interesting!)
Here are some of the interesting things I have discovered with this first pregnancy:
1.I am a chocoholic and Baby Riese is not (Chocolate has given me heartburn!)
2.Ladies have been great in public restrooms and always say "You go ahead!" I use to stick my stomach way out...and now I don't they just have pity on me and gladly let me have the next stall!
3. GA. heat does make a pregnant ladies ankles swell...if you are outside all day! (I have only had them swell 2 times!)
4. My blood pressure is better being pregnant?! Hmm! (106/68)
5. Never was a big Mexican food lover...but now I am.
6. Always hated OJ-and it has been a morning drink for the past 7 months.
7. All major department store bathrooms are in the children's section!
8. Sleeping was the best 2nd trimester (not so great anymore)!
9. Kicks in the womb are the most incredible feeling.
10. Coupons for baby are exciting to get in the mail.
So many more interesting things...these are just a few thought I have had the past few months. I will have another sonogram the last week of July to see how BIG baby Riese and gotten and we will make a decision then...when Baby Riese should arrive!
In the meantime I am enjoying these last few days and staying busy.
Blessings to you all,
Jenn, Mike & Baby Riese

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