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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Newest additions to our families!

We have had so many excitements in the past week- all related to "new life!"

It was wonderful to meet the new addition to my immediate family, baby Jack!

Now we have exciting news to share about a newest addition that will join Mike's family officially this fall:

Last Thursday, Mike's favorite, (older) brother, Brian and his
girlfriend Courtney got engaged! I am thrilled because this will add 1
more girl to his family festivities around the holidays and get-togethers!
I liked Courtney from the start (she is a teacher too) and I knew she
was a keeper, Brian! Mike nearly scared her away...with his outgoing
personality and impromptu remarks...but Brian and his unconditional love melted her heart to make her stay!I am thrilled!
It sounds like it will be a wedding this fall and it will be Baby Riese's
first big family adventure! We are thrilled for you both and can not
wait to see all that God will do in the future for you both as you
become one!
We are excited for you both and look forward to celebrating the big day with you!

CONGRATULATIONS, Brian and Courtney!
Jenn (Mike & Baby Riese)

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