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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Our first furniture purchase for Baby!

Mike and I had an adventurous day! We made our first BIG purchase for Baby Riese!
We bought the baby crib and High chair (which is actually called a "feeding table") today!
I got an invitation to a Safety Seminar by a company called: Babee Tenda and it perked us to go, because there was a gift at the end!
We went after church and we are thrilled with the investment we made.
Here is the website of what we purchased:

We got the crib in Cherry Wood! The thing that impressed us, is that it comes with the mattress and a built in box spring.(Most of the cribs in the stores do NOT come with a mattress and you end up paying the price in the end for just the right (style or design of a crib, and then the mattress!)
The representative from Babee Tenda stood inside the crib! He was around 175 pounds. The cribs built by Babee Tenda are made to hold up to 280 pounds! WOW!
It has a door on the side, so that you can open the crib up and place the baby in it from the side, by sitting in a chair or you can lean over and put the baby in from the top! (The door option is great if you have a c-section!) No leaning over needed! So much more I could say...and yes it is also made to convert into a bed for a child!
The feeding table will convert to: a feeding-table for 3 months old all the way up to a 3 year old, a desk, art table and much-much more for the child when they are older!
The comments were outstanding. One family bought the feeding table 50 years ago and used it with all 18 of their grand kids. How often do you hear a family using a highchair 50 years later?!
You all know how frugal my husband is! He was the one who was in favor of buying the crib and the feeding table! I just wanted the table. He is a man of saving his $$$ and knows when you make a purchase not to just buy anything but he looks for the long-term investment! They do have a great policy too: if by God's plan you lose the baby during pregnancy or birth, they will fully refund the purchase and pay the shipping back! That is a wonderful deal.
The bed and table will arrive in about 4 weeks!
We will hopefully have some work done on the nursery once the bed arrives.
FYI: No recalls at all~ They have been around for 70 years!
We will post pictures when the furniture arrives!
Jenn, Mike & Baby Riese

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EJBABY said...

How cool! Sounds like you found some great baby gear!!
So exciting to be getting ready for Baby R!