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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Special visit with Mom & Dad

We had an awesome time with my parents. My parents came to visit us for a vacation and get away from the cold
Michigan weather. They could not have picked a better week. It was 80-85 the whole time they were here!
My mom and dad got allot of work done on the house! To us it was a vacation because of all the work they did for us!
They said it was a
treat to come to us-but they really treated us and did so much around the
house and outside. My dad fixed the garage door for Mike. He was thrilled.
>It was really shaky and needed some new bolts.
> * Friday we went to a Church that was having a kids consignment
> sale. My mom and I could not believe all that we
> saw! My dad just laughed and carried stuff for us.
> * My mom bought me a Baby Bjorn (baby carrier!) She also got me a Baby Einstein Floor gym. /You lay baby on
> floor gym! We figure-if it can be washed and it is in great it!
> * I got a "new looking" (large size) Eeyore and plush Classic Pooh! They will go great in the new nursery!
> * I also bought a baby bouncer seat - (for $14.00) it has an ocean
> scene that lights up and it is around $60.00 at Babies R-Us! I am
> so grateful for consignment sales! We saved a ton! But there is still PLENTY of items on my registry to get!
We got my registry all completed at Babies R-Us and Target!
* My appointment was great Friday and lasted only 10 minutes! I am

loving the new OB visits system so much more...Hear the heartbeat, weigh in, check my blood pressure and
re-schedule!Here is the best more fees due! My maternity
visits, labor and delivery are covered 100%! Mike of course was tickled!! He didn't know how to control himself.
*We went out to a great restaurant on Saturday with Mom and Dad~and then on Sunday we
went to see the Titanic exhibits! It was so amazing to see this part of history revealed!

We are so glad that we got to spend such quality with my parents.
We are headed to see my family all in MI (next week) for Spring Break!
We are looking forward to the time there! No hopes for a new nephew,
but his due date is the Saturday that we are there!! My sister is really ancy for him to be out!
We hope that Spring is finally in bloom for all of you!
Jenn, Mike and Baby!

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