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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Greatest childhood memory of Christmas

As Christmas Day is approaching in less then 2 weeks, I am reminded of so many memories.
I have to say one of my all time favorite Christmas memories was the year that my mom and dad made a huge sacrifice to go above and beyond the call of duty and get me "the doll!" Mind you I was the one daughter who had to have "the doll" every year for Christmas. My parents were in the ministry and money was tight! Ever since I can remember,I was always fasinated with "dolls!"
The one doll that always brings me back to Christmas morning memories was the year I was in second grade. I had just been introduced to "Real Baby" at school by a friend. I played with this doll all day! My heart fell in love with her...I just knew that was what I wanted for Christmas!) Little did I know that she was the most expensive doll that year. As the school day came to an end, I was wondering how to ask for a doll that I figured was probobly too much money! I remember getting off the bus and seeing my mom shoveling the snow! I slowly walked up the walkway to our house and said Mom- my friend brought this doll "Real Baby to school! Can I get one?" My mom then went on to say"Yes, I know what doll she is-(I could not believe she knew what I was talking about) and she then went on to say the words that broke my heart,"she is to expensive!" I remember crying a little bit-but I decided to put her at the top of my list!
I certainly did not get my hopes up and really knew there was NO way I would get her! We knew Jesus was the real meaning of Christmas-but Santa brought presents to our house and that morning was one of my all time treasured moments of Christmas....
..There was a big box that had Jennifer on it! I just knew it was Real Baby-but "she was to expensive"As I opened the box and my eyes focused on the figure inside the box and the name on the outside of the box, it became very clear to me and I burst out with joy-"Real Baby-Real Baby!!! I got Real Baby!"
(And I even got the one that came in the Bunny Rabbit outfit-I must have really wanted that one!)
That morning all I wanted to do was play with her! I named her that morning with my sister Jodi, and we agreed on "Katie and Lynn (after my sister Jodi's middle name.)
To this day, I still have no idea how Mom and Dad got the money for her. I still do not even know how much she cost! ( I doubt that they still have the receipt....) but she was priceless to me!
As you reflect on Christmas- my prayer is that you will find more joy in giving and the real reason we celebrate Christmas;Jesus and the meaning of his birth!
It is always a real blessing to give to others; sometimes a sacrifice on our part will make a world of difference in the life of a child or loved one!

Thanks Mom and Dad for fulfilling one of my greatest Christmas wishes for me! (It meant the world to me!)
( I still have my "Real Baby-Katie!")
Remember to focus on giving this year-and most of all forget not the greatest gift ..."Baby Jesus the Savior of the World!"

Blessings of the Christmas Season to all,

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Anonymous said...

I think mike got one of those dolls too along with his tea cup set that he desperately two were made for each other