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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Debt Free Cars !

What an amazing year it has been for Mike and I since joining the "Dave Ramsey-Total Money Makeover!"
It all started 1 year ago when a good friend of ours from Church told us about Dave Ramsey! Mike finally heard Dave Ramsey on the Radio and decided to check him out! He called into the show, got his book (free...of course)- Mike has his ways) and read it in 2 days! Once he had the book read the road to "being out of debt" began for us!
We paid off Mike's car in the spring- 1 year early. And as of Saturday, Nov.18th, we paid off my car -3 years early! It is exciting to know that we know have no more car payments! We still have college debt and then the house mortgage to go, but drum roll please.....We have officially paid off $29,7000 of debt in 1 year! Having a marriage where we know where we are headed financially is key! So many marriages have fallen apart because of finances and we are looking forward to "living like no one else now-so we can live like no one else later!"
Saturday-was a good day for us too,because we got to go see Dave Ramsey LIVE! It was a great seminar and we highly recomend anyone to go to him.
Check out his site:Http://
I am not sure if I am excited because it is Tuesday afternoon and I have a break for 3 days-or that fact that we are getting out of debt!?? One way or the other I am looking forward to relaxing and staying in GA with friends from Charlotte (Chris and Meghan Metzler!)
We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday-We are very thankful to have that chunk of debt behind us!
Jenn and Mike

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DEBTective said...

I'm big-time proud of both of you for working to deep-six your debt, Dave Ramsey-style. I tell you ... 29 grand and change in one year is huge! Dave's plan makes tons of sense, doesn't it? Way to go on the dough, baby!