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Saturday, October 21, 2006

A fun 29th and forever will be!

I guess I am over due for an entry and have to say that I am now 29 and will be forever! It was fun to see my Mom and Dad and my in-laws (for Joy and David's wedding)...just before the big 29!
Thank you, to so many of you for all the cards and gifts.
My sisters all surprised me and sent me a Lily plant to School on the 13th ,the day before my birthday it was a fun surprise! Following work that day, I got to see Molly, my childhood best friend !We met for dinner and shopped a little bit. It was a sweet way to say "Hello-29!"We have stayed in touch for 29 years...that is something to be proud of! (Very rarely can one say that have been friends with someone for 29 years!!)

My class had some great gifts for me and it was a fun day. (A necklace from one of my students...very nice too!)
My good friend from work took me to Cheesecake Factory on Saturday and then ....The best gift of all was Mike's surprise to me...He took me to Emrils!
I have been wanting to go to Emrils restaurant for 2 years now! It was a huge
We had a wonderful dinner and of course the food was out of this world.

The best Banana Cream Pie too!
There is much to look forward too; I am told begins at 30? Looking forward to another year of adventures.

Mike is into Busy season and begins Michelin on Monday. I am already looking forward to Christmas...becuase I will have some time to see him! (We will be going to NY to spend the holiday with his family...we spend ALOT of time in the car!)
I just got done with my first quarter! (Only 3 more quarters to go!) We did report cards all day yesterday for teacher workday and then my team and I went to The Teacup Cottage for Lunch! We have conferences on the 27th, and I am thankful that I have a really good class! (Nothing to worry about on the 27th, thankfully.) Some years-there is that "one conference" you dread doing! I do unfortunately have a very "CHATTY" class -so chatty that they have not gone to the prize drawer in over 2 weeks! I am still loving the job of teaching and making an impact in the lives of 8 and 9 year olds. I was just thinking the other day about my first class of 3rd graders... they are now Sophmores in H.S! We will see if I make it to their H.S. graduation! It would be fun to attend. It is truely amazing how fast time flies. Before I know it...they will be turning 29!
Have a good weekend to all who have had time to read this~
Jenn (and Mike)


Jules said...

Jenn, I'm so glad your birthday turned out well and glad you love the calla lilies! I hope you have a great rest of the weekend and a nice start to next week :)

Love you!

EJBABY said...

are we sisters or what...blogging about our food experiences. I loved my breakfast at Cora's this morning!! want to open one with us? next door would be nice. ;)

Love the photos of the flowers! How is this new year for you??

Anonymous said...

you know, i forgot to tell you that there were two campers at bayouca this past summer and you were their's been too long so i can't remember their names, but they thought it was really cool

--your favorite brother in law