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Monday, August 21, 2006

Long overdue-summer update!

Hello -Hello!
As you can see summer is still going on-but for Me, it is over!
I went back to work on Aug. 8. I returned home from Calgary on Aug. 1~ and was still pretty tired when I went back to work. I would not have traded the time in Calgary. I was so glad that I got to go and see Sam!
I am now into my second week of 3rd graders.....but this is my 3rd week back! Hard to believe that I have been doing this now for 7 years. I am starting to feel older too,especially when they have new fresh out of college grads. I am getting tired quicker these days...then when I first began!
I have a whole new team of teachers! We all get along GREAT! We each have a different personality!
This year most of our Teacher In-services will be on personality assessment! You may have heard of the DISC personality testing! I am an "I" if you are familiar with it! (Meaning -Outgoing!) You would have never guessed that would you? LOL-
I am loving it-because I am starting to learn the personalities of all my kids~and how to better meet their learning style! I do have one challeging one in my room! I am learning so much already from this student and it is only the second week of school! Never a dull moment in 3rd grade!
If you have all this time to spare...our school website is changed daily! From time to time this year, there will be photos of my class and I on the website! My class schedule and all about 3rd grade at North Cobb is on there!
So many things have gone on outside of work for Mike and I!
Last night we had dinner with Megan (Mike's college roommate's wife!) So nice to get together and have friends close by...only 4 hours away. We are headed to TN next weekend to see Joy and David. Only 6 weeks to go till the wedding!! I am excited to be in their wedding & I just got my plane ticket for the big event!
We are no longer working with the 2 year olds at our church and now we are working with 7th graders. Big jump...diapers to hormones!!! So far we are enjoying it! I am on a little bit of overload with work -and I am thankful that I have 2 other ladies that teach the girls with me! (We totate week to week on teaching! So appreciated!)
Mike has now moved into his 5th year at I am excited for all the hard work he has done! (BUT the traveling is what is still hard!) He was taken off a client in TN and the start to "early Fall" season has been so relaxing for him! (He is home before 8:00 and playing X-BOX!) Once Jan. comes it will be busy for I am use to that routine!
Mike's 2
"almost as good looking as him" brothers have fallen in deep "LIKE" with 2 lovely ladies! We have heard so much about them this summer and we are hoping to meet them soon! We might meet Brian's 'significant other' around Thanksgiving time! (Fingers crossed!) Phil, Mike's younger brother, departs for Egypt on Wed. and will be doing a study abroad program for SU. So we are praying for safety for him!
My family is doing good and the babies (all my neices and nephews are growing!) Grace was 2 on May 9 ! She loves to wear her Sundresses!
Josh is now 5 Months old!
Sam is now 2 months old

I will do my best to keep all more up to date ...
Blessings to all,
Jenn (and) Mike

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