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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring has sprung and Summer is coming!

Gorgeous day despite the fact that it took us longer to get up this morning!
Why was it so hard to get up and go to church?....We lost an hour! Did the time change get to any of you? Gotta love the Spring Forward time change!!?(Makes me sad, Joy,..that we are now 3 hours apart!) Mike is amazing...he never lets the time change afect his mood. It was a rough morning for me...but he helped me perk up! The message today was all on "The Plank." (Matthew Ch.7 )We can be more of a blessing and minister to others, once we take care of the plank in our own eyes!! *Judge not...because we need to know that we too are being judged. Focus on what matters-serving the Lord! Have you had the recent "I" Exam to look for that plank in your eye! Very powerful!!We often judge others and have no idea that we are doing it!

As we were driving home from Church the flowers and trees were all breathtaking today and an excitement for me that school is soon to end! Mike was smiling, because it was a beautiful afternoon to play soccer! They lost the game, but he still enjoyed playing today and I enjoyed it(despite the loss) but I got some good sun in! (Remembered why the time change!!)
We leave Tuesday night for D.C.-We are headed to see Brian and Phil. Mike's 2 favorite brothers. This week is Spring Break for my job! It's the first time in 4 years that Mike has taken the week off with me. He deserves the break- It has been a long winter with the ever famous Greenville client. Now I am just working on him taking a week in July to go to the beautiful land of Alberta,CA and see my sister Jolyn, her husband Eric, and their soon to be little boy! I didn't get a No today...I got a..."When are you planning to go? Hmm!" We will see how persuasive I can be. "Help me Lynn! He might actually persue it!"
Have a great evening~
Enjoy the extra sunshine today!

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